As children come to learn more and more about how music is put together, they will begin to have new ears to hear any music. They add critical thinking skills to their musical experiences and will enjoy many kinds of music. They also come to understand and love music as they have hands on experiences creating their own music. They can have that experience through private lessons or by just doing some of the fun lessons that I will share.

The lessons will center on the Elements of Music: Beat, Rhythm, Style, Melody, Expression, Form, Timbre, Harmony, and Texture. You can watch as children become confidant at discussing these elements and hearing them in the music they listen to each day. They will enjoy using these elements to create their own music.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lesson 5 Melodies Move Up and Down

Another really good exercise to do with the upward and downward movement of lessons is to begin a song with its rhythmic icons and then manually move those icons up and down to reflect what you hear as you sing the song.  This exercises forces your ear to start hearing what upward and downward movement sounds like.

So let's begin with one song and see what that looks like.  Here are the icons for Twinkle Twinkle:

Now you would cut the icons out and place them in order as they are above.  Then sing the song and move the icons upward and/or downward to reflect what you hear as you sing.  When you get done you should have the following:

Here are three more songs to try.  I will put the answer sheets on the next post so that you won't look at them until after you have given this a try.  FYI:  this is difficult for some people so don't get discouraged if it is not as easy as you think. 

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